Family Reunion Peacemeal

Family Reunion Peacemeal

Mac and Clare Ransom share their experiences of hosting a regular Peacemeal to reunite and celebrate their family.

We have begun to establish Peacemeal as our Friday night ‘welcome home’ meal – when our adult family gathers for a weekend, with some having travelled a fair way to be there.

We begin by sharing bread as our starter – a tasty loaf that is easily torn and shared, with butter or dips to accompany it. Someone then might say: “We like to begin our meal with bread, to remind us of Jesus, and share stories of his presence.”

We then give an opportunity for everyone to speak of a moment or a memory when they have known Jesus’ presence with them. We’ll be sharing, breaking and eating the bread while we do this, and we move naturally on to the main course as we chat.

A cup of wine is also on the table, and at some point in the meal someone might say: “Let’s share the cup as our memory of all that Jesus did for us.” Then we’ll pass the cup around to share, and one or two might reflectively give thanks.

Sometimes these moments are a minor part of the meal; other times there might be deeper things to share and dwell on, or a wider discussion is sparked off. We are welcoming Jesus into the centre of our lives: coming together intentionally brings a sense of purpose and togetherness that enriches us as a family.

We adapt what we do depending on who is around our table, to include our friends and their children at different times. Slowly we are growing a spiritual habit that is becoming our family ‘culture’ to enjoy and pass on to the next generation.

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