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Woodlands Community Cafe, Glasgow

“The food here is shared and in that sharing we are all made to feel equal”.

This quote, provided by one of our volunteers, summarises our inclusive and dignified approach. Our work is centred around a shared meal, with people who are the beneficiaries being actively involved in its preparation, cooking and serving.

Woodlands Community Garden’s Pop-up Café offers an alternative approach to most food banks. The café is really welcoming and friendly; without any referral criteria, vouchers or limits on how often people can attend. And the food is free!

One guest said: “I came to the café as I can’t afford to buy food and am relying on my friend every day to feed me and my daughter. I really liked how you didn’t need to bring any papers to prove something.”

Woodlands Community Cafe PeacemealOur vegetarian community café takes place on Monday evenings, feeding an average of 60-70 people per week, with meals cooked using fresh ingredients; including those grown at our community garden.

We also run regular cookery workshops both at the café and in partnership with other local organisations.

The strength of our community café lies in that there is no distinction between those providing the aid and those receiving it; all are actively encouraged to volunteer in our work. The food we serve is high quality, freshly prepared and of the same quality you would expect in an expensive restaurant.

The café has a very welcoming atmosphere, with music workshops and performances adding to its ambience. It is very much a positive place to come. By encouraging a healthy vegetarian diet, we are making permanent changes in people’s perception towards food. Another guest commented:

“I am disabled and often don’t eat well due to fatigue. Coming to the café means I get good healthy food and vegetarian food”.

Woodlands Community Cafe PeacemealOur café not only provides access to good, fresh and healthy food, it also enables communities from all backgrounds to socialise in a safe welcoming environment.

Volunteers who we train and support are gaining skills, confidence and self-esteem and our work has had a transformative effect on people attending.

One volunteer said: “Volunteering at Woodlands Community café and garden, working alongside a group of positive and encouraging people, attending a variety of trainings and getting the support and friendship from the Woodlands team has helped me and gave me the courage and confidence to look for a job.”

About Woodlands Community Development Trust

Woodlands Community Development Trust is a registered charity concerned with the long term regeneration of Woodlands area of Glasgow – its economy, its environment, its facilities and the ‘spirit’ of Woodlands. Our key aims include supporting community-based education activities, promoting the health and well-being of our community, encouraging participation in community arts and the advancement of environment protection.

Text and images republished with permission from Woodlands Community Development Trust.

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