What does the .CO mean?

Dot Co mean?

It means so many of the things that describe what the Peacemeal stands for:

.COmpanion – someone who shares bread with you

.COmmunity – people building connections together

.COnversation – people talking but always listening

.COmfortable – somewhere you can enjoy relaxing

.COnspiracy – planning radical acts of kindness

.COmmunion – spiritual nurture and expression

.COmpassion – a loving concern towards others

.COllaboration – working as a team towards a goal

.COmmitted – people deciding to be a part of it all

.COequality – where every person’s voice is respected

.COntribute – bringing things to share with others

.COurteous – everyone honouring one another

.COnciliation – a place where enemies become friends

.COmmemorate – remembering, and being inspired

.CO-operation – making things happen together

.COmmon ground – a space that belongs to everyone

.COmmunication – exchanging life giving ideas

.COherent – suddenly everything really makes sense

.COnsumption – a joyful meal with food and drink!

… are there any other .CO words describing the Peacemeal you can think of?