The most important ingredient in a Peacemeal recipe is love. A Peacemeal gives you an opportunity to cook from your heart, nourishing relationships and nurturing the spirit.

Keep the meal very simple. Make a large loaf of bread the focal point, support this with soup, stew, or some other appropriate dish. Place bowls of dips and finger food around the table and there will be plenty for everyone, even unexpected last-minute arrivals. A Peacemeal is not a dinner party, it is an extended family meal!

Consider serving a vegan meal. It includes everyone. It is gentle, nutritious and inexpensive. However cooking from your heart is the key.

The possibilities are infinite! Here we offer recipes in the form of free PDF’s for you to download, use, adapt, copy and share with others. We’ve also linked to recipes or blogs we like.

Peacemeal recipes from other websites

All recipes are vegan unless otherwise stated. GF= gluten free.

Cooking on a Bootstrap – this site is full of cheap and simple recipes, perfect for feeding a crowd on a budget.

Greek Vegetarian – traditional hearty Greek vegetarian / vegan recipes.

Vegan Sandra – affordable, comforting, vegan and often gluten-free.


Our Peacemeal Recipes

Our own Peacemeal recipes are below. These are tried-and-tested favourites and can be easily multiplied to feed a crowd.

We hope to expand this resource, so please contact us with your favourite Peacemeal recipes – then others can share and enjoy them too.