‘Firelighters’ – table discussion starters

People often tell us, “I can invite friends to my home, I can cook them a meal, I can even keep everybody talking! It is just getting a conversation started – especially if we want it to develop around a particular theme – that’s where I get stuck.”

This is where ‘Firelighters’ come in.

It may be a short story or news-cutting. It may be a link to a video or film clip, perhaps even pictures or a photograph. It might even be the suggestion of an interesting object you could pass around the group. The possibilities are limitless.

This page gives you a collection of resources which provide brief but significant ‘conversation starters’. So if you’re searching for some inspiration for your Peacemeal, we hope you will find an appropriate ‘firelighter’ here.

Please help add to this collection from sources you have found useful, and Contact Us to share your experiences of getting the conversation going.

Firelighters list of external resources

SCM logoStudent Christian Movement

SCM’s Devotionals page features short reflections on varied themes, accompanied by a short prayer and suggested Bible reading.

Inclusive Church

inclusive-church-logoInclusive Church have produced a series of small group study guides on six different topical issues: Ethnicity, Gender, Sexuality, Poverty, Disability and Mental Health. These include discussion starters and video resources.

Morning Bell

Morning Bell is simply a series of images, sometimes with a short spiritual message, theme or question. These images encourage you to enter into contemplation, but could also be used to start a short reflection or discussion.

William Temple Foundation

William Temple Foundation logoThe William Temple Foundation blog features thought-provoking and insightful posts on faith and public life. Take a theme or a new perspective from the blog and discuss with your group.

NOOMA film series by Rob Bell

NOOMA logoThe NOOMA film series by Rob Bell takes a series of Christian faith topics and explores them in a deep, Jesus-centred way. Some are long, some are short, but all are great discussion starters. You can view excerpts on the NOOMA YouTube channel but the full films must be purchased to watch.

The Nomad Podcast

Nomad logoNomad is a podcast for spiritual seekers, started by two Christians who ‘liked Jesus but disliked religion’. This podcast covers a huge range of topics in modern Christian faith and is certainly food for thought! They also feature well-known guest speakers from different theological traditions.

Firelighters as free PDF downloads

Below are our own Firelighters, created to help you discuss and reflect around the table. These are our gift to you, to use with your group. We hope that you find them helpful.