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Peacemeal: conversation / table talk

A meal for discussion, debate, and learning

Read all stories in conversation.

Peacemeal: communion / nurturing spirituality

A meal for reflection, meditation, and response

Read all stories in communion.

Peacemeal: community / building relationships

A meal to help weave the lives of people together

Read all stories in community.

Peacemeal: celebration / spiritual partying

A meal for joyful festivity and godly merrymaking

Read all stories in celebration.

Peacemeal: children / making the spiritual real

A meal that is fun – full of questions, laughing and learning

Read all stories in children.

Peacemeal: common ground / interfaith friends

A meal for sharing beliefs and encouraging respect

Read all stories in common ground.

Peacemeal: conciliation / justice and reconciliation

A meal where enemies can become friends, a place of healing

Read all stories in conciliation.

Peacemeal: communication / voice on the streets

A meal as acted prophesy, challenging people to change

Read all stories in communication.

Peacemeal: creation / table in the wilderness

A meal to enable nature connection, celebrating the sacred wild

Read all stories in creation.

Peacemeal: cultivation / guerilla gardening plus

A meal from food grown for others in unexpected urban spaces

Read all stories in cultivation.

Peacemeal: creativity / other imaginative ideas

Any other meals which offer life affirming purpose

Read all stories in creativity.