Garden Gethsemane WorkTrek Peacemeal

VIDEO: Garden of Gethsemane Peacemeal

Garden of Gethsemane Peacemeal from ‘WorkTrek’ 2011

In June 2011, Noel Moules led a 14-day study tour of Palestine-Israel called ‘WorkTrek’. You can read more about ‘WorkTrek’ on the Workshop Story page (link goes to an external website).

Noel says: “‘WorkTrek’ had four aims: to experience the geography and landscape of the biblical lands; to explore key sites of historical importance; to meet people on all sides of the social and political upheavals in the Middle East and hear their stories; and to enable each member of the group to undertake a personal spiritual journey.”

“Our ‘WorkTrek’ tours always end in Jerusalem. On the penultimate day, exploring the Mount of Olives, we gathered in an olive grove just above the traditional ‘Garden of Gethsemane’ site – where Jesus is said to have prayed in the hours before his arrest for crucifixion.”

“In our much more ‘natural’ location we shared this simple ‘farewell’ Peacemeal together, which this film records.”

The video below shows the WorkTrek: Garden of Gethsemane Peace Meal from June 2011. It is 25 minutes long, beautifully filmed and edited by Simon Hildrew.

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